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23 Mar 2017

What is “Instant Alert”?

No, this is not a siren that goes off in the middle of the night causing you to sit bolt upright wondering what just happened. An “instant alert” is a link from the North Central WV Real Estate Information Network,

16 Mar 2017

Handling Multiple Offers

One good buyer is sufficient but how would you like to have a few good buyers interested in your property at the same time? Yes, it can happen and does happen at certain price points that are in high demand.

9 Mar 2017

List Price to Sales Price Ratio

Our last discussion about “Days on Market” transitioned into the topic of today’s blogpost, “List Price to Sales Price Ratio” which is merely the relationship of the final asking price of a home to the closed sales price of that

28 Feb 2017

What is Important About “Days On Market”?

In a previous discussion we reviewed “Absorption Rate” and why this was an important concept for a Seller to understand. “AR” provides information about the number of houses that are selling each month and on the number of houses that

18 Feb 2017

What is “Absorption Rate”?

One of the most important statistical tools your agent can employ in the marketing of your house is Absorption Rate. By accessing our real estate database, we can provide you the following information:

1.  How many houses in your

13 Feb 2017

What’s a CMA ?

As you consider the marketing of what is likely to be your most valuable possession (your house), there is an element to the process that is quite important. “What price shall I ask for my house?” A CMA 

8 Feb 2017

Why Should I Care About “Buyer Profile”?

When your agent begins the process of marketing your house, you will have probably heard the agent say, “There are certain types of buyers who are interested in certain types of houses.”  What?  Yes, it’s true.  Certain architectural styles

18 Jan 2017

Pre-Approval – A Critical Factor

So you’ve decided to stop lining your landlord’s pocket even if the landlord is your grandmother!  But first, ask yourself 2 questions…a.  How much house can I afford? and b.  What cash do I need to buy?

Before you look at